#Innovation4Future Startup Webinar Series is a bi-weekly online event which provides startups with the platform to learn on how to adapt innovative approach and new technology to sustain and grow their business. The series is a premium opportunity for startups to engage in learning from experts across different sectors, from around the world. The aim of the webinar series is to empower startups with business development resource/tools with strong focus on digitization of business operations and how they can leverage on digital technology to work together within their teams, reach new customers and manage customer/stakeholder relationships  

#Innovation4Future 4.0


As the COVID-19 continues to affect business activities and has a harsh effect on startups, we are exploring ways to cushion the effect on startups and help entrepreneurs navigate through this hard time. Our speaker will speak on how startups can remodel their business model to accelerate business continuity during and after the pandemic.


#Innovation4Future 3.0

#Innovation4Future Series3.0 is focusing on how early stage startups can raise investment. The speaker will be sharing insights about early stage investment landscape in Africa, investment opportunities and how startups can build connection and relationships with investors. Also startups will learn how to start preparing themselves for early stage investment and gain indepth understanding of metrics investors use in evaluating startups.

#Innovation4Future 2.0

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the effect on startups, we have decided to focus on topic around  mitigating the effect covid-19 on startups. Facilitators will speak on how startups can navigate business challenges caused by covid outbreak by leverage on digital tools.